Listed below are all Article, Blog, Comment, Event, Forum, and Page entries on the site. You can click most of the column headings to resort the table according to the information in that column. For example, to see the most recent comments, click on the "Comment Date" column. To see all of the entries grouped by author, click on the Author or Comment Author columns. Clicking a column for a second time reverses the sort order for that column.

Note: The "Has new content" and "Has new comments" column indications are specific to each user individually. After you visit a "new" or "revised" content page, the entry in that column will disappear. If you just hit your back button, you'll have to refresh the "New Content" page to update those columns. Unfortunately these columns are not sortable.

You can limit the date range for entries by editing the text box below the label, "Time Period to Show". The default value is "-60 days", which means that any content or comment that has been updated in the last 60 days will be displayed. Deleting "-60 days" will show all content and comments for which you have permission to view. The value is an offset from the current date, so plus(+) values are all in the future. In other words, don't use +.

"-7 days" or "-1 week" will display all posts for the last week.
"-365 days" will display all posts for the last year.

The input box will take the terms day, days, week, weeks, month, months, year, years.