Communiterra: A planetary community for personal and spiritual development

Our Aim

We currently direct our efforts toward online study and research of different methods for personal and spiritual development. We put special emphasis on the 4th Way approach as passed down by G. I. Gurdjieff, P. D. Ouspensky, J. G. Bennett, Anthony Blake, Wim van Dullemen and many others. However we also use material, methods and ways of understanding from many other teachers and traditions. We have participants from all over the world, including, for example, North America, Europe, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Costa Rica, and Venezuela.

We have been using online conferencing systems for this type of group work since September of 2003, and have found this approach to be both flexible and effective. This is especially true for individuals who do not have access to a local study group. In addition to our own activities we also host private meetings for several other groups and teachers on a regular schedule.

If you are serious about this form of study, please contact us.


A Small Sample

The images below may give you some feel for our approach.


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