Listed below are various resources for further study. A site dedicated to an exploration of using numbered systems as tools form understanding the structure of reality. Anthony Blakes site containing many useful articles and other resources for transformation.  Continuing the word of J.G and Elizabeth Bennett... with many valuable resources and connections  Web site for the central Massachusetts group (MREC) with information on their activities. For years Bennett Books has been keeping J.G. Bennett's written works in print.  They also have a large selection of other 4th Way material. Organized 4th Way roving seminars to Turkey, Armenia and other venues. Elan Sicroff's site and home of the Thomas de Hartmann Project.


Movements Sites:  Wim van Dulleman's site with videos, music and other material on the Gurdjieff movements. Margit Martinu's site, based in Italy, but conducting movements seminars in many places. James Tomarelli's movements site... also available here.